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Rental portfolio media services

From two flats to large-scale portfolios... We've got you covered!

Providing a full realm of real estate media services to one-time clients & contract service partners





Our dedicated team of professionals is poised to enhance your property portfolio through stunning imaging services! Whether you're a single property landlord or part of a large real estate investment group, we specialize in elevating the visual appeal of your properties and delivering reliable service. Our custom-tailored solutions ensure consistent, high-quality results that set your property listings apart from the competition.

Why work with View My Space?

  • Transparent pricing

  • 24/7 online booking with accurate time slots

  • 1-2 business day media turnaround

  • Fully licensed and insured

  • Team of in-house photographers, not subcontractors!

  • All the media you need in one place

  • No license restrictions on photographs

  • High quality editing standards

  • Professional staff

Our Partners





Save over 25% on services by partnering with View My Space!

Plus extra incentives!

View My Space is an affordable alternative to hiring an in-house photographer employee for most operations!

Package Deals



50% Savings!

New Property Listing Package


  • Includes 20 photos anywhere on the property

  • 2 Matterport 3D tours up to 1,500sqft

    • 2 floor plans Included!​

  • ​6 exterior drone photos

  • Property web page

  • 15% off any additional services during same visit!

Floor Plan.jpg
79f7XQvAXPv - Dollhouse Overview.jpg


Photos + Matterport 3D Tour + Floor Plan

  • 10 apartment unit photos

    • $7.50 for each additional photo​

  • Matterport 3D tour up to 1,500 sqft

    • $30 for additional 500 sqft​

    • 1 year of 3D model hosting

  • 2D floor plan

45% Savings! 



Photos + Matterport 3D Tour

  • 10 apartment unit photos

    • $7.50 for each additional photo

  • Matterport 3D tour up to 1,500 sqft

    • $30 for additional 500 sqft​

    • 1 year of 3D model hosting

29% Savings!



Photos + Floor Plan

  • 10 apartment unit photos

    • $7.50 for each additional photo​​

  • 2D floor plan up to 2,000 sqft.

    • $25.00 for each additional 500 SF increment​

23% Savings!



Matterport 3D Tour + Floor Plan

  • Matterport 3D tour up to 1,500 sqft

    • $30 for additional 500 sqft​

    • 1 year of 3D model hosting

  • 2D floor plan

38% Savings!

Individual Services

Matterport 3D Tour



1,500 sqft included

*$30.00 for an additional 500 sqft per model.  1 year of 3D model hosting included.  $50.00 per year thereafter.  Expired models will be archived and can be reactivated at anytime.  


$25 discount for self-hosting tours.  

View Example Above!




10 images included

*Additional images $7.50 each. 


$25.00 fee applies for additional units in the building or added amenity spaces

Floor Plan

3550 W 15th St #G - Floorplans.jpg



2,000 sqft included

*$25.00 for an additional 500 sqft per floor plan


Drone Photos




6 images included

*Additional images $10.00 each

Drone Video



1 minute video

Drone video highlighting the exterior of your apartment community and surrounding area.  Intro and outro logo additions included.   Customized options available upon request for an additional fee.

Partnering with View My Space


Looking for a team of dedicated professionals
and not just "a guy you know"?

Partner with View My Space and save over 25%!  We offer dedicated property management media services for property management firms, brokerages, real estate investment groups and individual owners


When you choose to work with View My Space on a contract basis, we prioritize your business!  We have multiple in-house team members ready to service your business needs.

Partnership Benefits

FREE drone photos with every property

Up to 8-hour notice appointment cancellations

Negotiable pricing

Free web page for every property in your portfolio

Tiered discounts; the more you book the more you save!

30-day net cumulative invoices vs individual invoices

Pay for photos per visit, not apartment unit or amenity

Custom online appointment booking page and phone app for your team!

Next business day media turnaround vs 2 business days

Service available on weekends 

Media hosted and organized in our DropBox account

Customizable terms available!

Why do high-volume clients work with us instead of hiring an in-house photographer?

They Save Money!

$42,000 a year employee = $72,000 a year after expenses! 

That 's $5,969.67 a month!

On average, $6000 a month buys our contract client partners:

30 Full Apartment Media Packages
40 Photo Only Packages

PLUS our partners benefit from

Local administrative support staff with one point of contact
The ability to schedule multiple sites simultaneously
No subscriptions to maintain
No equipment to main
No insurance expense
No overtime expenses


Partnering with View My Space
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