Sell or lease your commercial & industrial spaces

...with a new perspective

Offer your clients a full realm of marketing services including:

     Matterport 3D Tours

       As low as $200

     Drone Photography/Video

       As low as $250

     Interior Photography

       As low as $250

     Custom Websites

       As low as $300

     Floor plans, videos, and
     CAD files available!


Impress your clients

Gain more business

Build connections





*Logos are the respective copyrights of CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, and JLL.  View My Space holds no direct partnership or affiliation with any of these entities.

We've Worked On Projects With:

Package Deal

New Listing Package- $1,000

$300 in savings!

New listing?  Why use multiple providers, when you can save time and schedule everything in one appointment!  Save over 25% when you combine services!  


Includes 10,000sqft

20 Interior Photographs


6 Drone Photographs


Property Webpage

Matterport 3D Tours


Quickly becoming the new standard in commercial real estate

Starting at $200.00

Whether your clients are local or across the globe, offer them the ability to view your spaces in an immersive, interactive 3D tour as if they were already there.  Matterport interactive tours can be shared across numerous teleconferencing networks providing virtual showings.   We also offer customized website galleries!

24/7 online showings without disturbing existing occupants

Attract serious buyers & tenants

Walk through properties at eye level

Properties can be viewed in 3D floor plan and dollhouse views

Take accurate measurements of anything and everything directly in the showcase

Easily show hazardous or hard to access properties


Only $200.00 for the first 2,000sqft

$0.05 per sqft thereafter

$0.03 per sqft after 50,000sqft


Not only is View My Space more affordable than Matterport national brokerage services, but we also provide post editing and a full realm of media services to maximize the exposure of your 3D tours!

Floor plans up to 20,000sqft available for only $50.00 with every Matterport service!

Great for Marketing on:

*Logos are the respective copyrights of CoStar, LoopNet, and 42 Floors.  View My Space holds no direct partnership or affiliation with either of these entities.

Drone Photos / Videos

Drone Photography: Big Buildings Need Big Perspectives

Starting at $250.00

FAA Licensed Drone Operator


Insurance Liability

Custom Video Packages Available

Quick turnaround available

No premium charge for weekend photo shoots



$250.00 for the first 6 photographs, and $15.00 for each additional photograph
Basic Video Package- $400
The basic video package includes "liftoff" scenes, rotations around the building, flyover views, company logo integration and basic titles.  Videos are approximately 45-60 seconds long.
Premium Video Package- Starting at $650
Includes all basic video package features plus local are footage, map integration, use of interior photos, premium subtitles and other endless features available!  Videos are typically 90 seconds to 2 minutes long.




Photography: Keeping Your Listings Sharp, Detailed & Inspiring

Starting at $250.00

Interior or exterior photography sessions


Insurance Liability

Quick turnaround available

No premium charge for night/weekend/holiday photo shoots

No copyright restrictions



$250.00 for the first 10 photographs, and $15.00 for each additional photograph
We accommodate customers requiring multiple locations, local area photographs, or other special circumstances.

Custom Web Pages

Website Integration: A Step Above Professionalism

Starting at $300.00

Single Property Web Page

Showcase building amenities, vacancies and media all in one spot

Interactive Google Maps integration

Customized brokerage and broker branding 

Integrate interior and exterior photographs

Display all building vacancies in one place with easy access to 3D tours

Make brochures and floor plans easily accessible

Brokerage Team Website

Organize all of your single property web pages on one home page

Maximize your web exposure

Display all building vacancies on one page with easy access to 3D tours and other media

Custom URL/web address available

High-end marketing strategies can help draw in new clients

Customized branding options to suit your team and your brokerage


Single Property Page- $200.00

Includes customized themes, media and details.  First page is $200.00, additional/future property pages are $100.00.
Custom web address (URL) available for $150.00 per year

Brokerage Team Websites- $400.00, plus only $75 for property webpages

Includes customized themes, media and details.  Brokerage team websites include a complete home page and gallery of listings.  Initial setup is $400, additional/future property pages are $75.00.  
Custom web address (URL) available for $150.00 per year
Effectively utilize 3D tours, photographs, videos, brochures and floor plans in an organized, easy to navigate custom website.  Whether you have your own media or want want to use ours, we can create a single property web page or entire brokerage team website to fit your needs.
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