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Virtual Tour Vendor

Here at View My Space, or "VMS", we are passionate about providing people the opportunity to feel like they have been somewhere they have never even been before.  In today's competitive market we feel it is more important than ever to show your potential clients or customers what you have to offer before they even set foot through the door.


We saw a market for this amazing technology from Matterport that we use to do our 3D imaging, still shots and floor plans.  Using the latest technology, working with Matterport as an official Service Partner and constantly updating our skill set, we are able to provide you with cutting edge 3D Virtual showcases of your space.  We are continually finding new ways everyday on how virtual imaging can change our perspective of the world.

Meet The Team

Eric Abbate

President / Founder

"As a homeowner and real estate investor I am passionate about providing clients the ability to truly show what their spaces have to offer, and provide their potential clients the ability to constantly re-reference a space for their personal needs.  

I enjoy working with a variety of people from all different backgrounds and will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. 

In my free time I enjoy wood working and traveling every chance I get."


Visual Expert

"I have been with View My Space since the beginning.  I have nine eyes that allow me to gather immense imagery of a space, and memorize measurements of everything around me.

I have been known to be nosy since I try to gather every little detail around me, but when I am needed I never disappoint!

In my free time I enjoying syncing information with my love, the iPad, and relaxing with 120 Volts of electric current to recharge after a long day." 

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