About Us

Here at View My Space we are passionate about providing people the opportunity to feel like they have been to a place without the need to physically visit.  In today's competitive market, we feel it is more important than ever to show potential clients and customers what you have to offer before they even set foot through the door.


VMS is locally-owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Eric and Erika, allowing us the flexibility and hands-on experience to fully understand each customer's needs and provide the best technology solutions.  Our team is small but mighty, constantly looking for ways to improve and enhance our skill sets to provide value to our clients.  We can handle any project anywhere!  VMS is very actively involved in the largest global network of data capture professionals, Reality Capture Experts, allowing us to help with any size project in any location.  Using the latest technology, working with Matterport as an official Service Partner, we are able to provide cutting edge 3D Virtual showcases of your spaces.  We are continually finding new ways virtual imaging can change our perspective of the world, let us show you how it can change yours!


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Meet The Team

Eric Headshot 4x4 Square Color.jpg


President / Founder

"As a homeowner and real estate investor I am passionate about providing clients the ability to truly show what their spaces have to offer, with the ability to constantly re-reference a space for their personal needs.  My technical skills and construction experience allow me to understand the best ways to represent any type of space.  I enjoy working with a variety of people from all different backgrounds and will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction."

Erika Abbate - Vice President


Vice President / Co-Founder

"My background in both architecture and commercial real estate directly informs the insights I bring to the table at VMS.  I love a challenge and am delighted to work with a wide variety of clients on conventional or unconventional projects.  I have experienced the benefits of this technology as a landlord, realtor, homeowner, office leasing agent, architect, car buyer, hotel occupant, restaurant patron, and more.  We use these tours EVERY DAY in our EVERYDAY lives and we think you should too!"

Nick - Imaging Technician


Imaging Technician

Nick is a 3D imaging rockstar with millions of square feet scanned per year.  Nick's technical expertise allows him to provide high quality service in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible for clients of all types.  Nick scans spaces of extreme size and scope with ease and utilizes his Part 107 drone license to capture multiple perspectives of interior and exterior spaces.

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Digital Imaging Expert

Jay brings over a decade of photography and video experience to the table, representing luxury home products and furniture brands prior to joining the View My Space team.  Jay describes himself as a "spirited visual thinker"; his creative yet pragmatic approach affords him the innate ability to cultivate the best visual representation of your space using a variety of digital tools.

Pudding Headshot 4x4 Square Color.jpg


Canine Executive Officer (CEO)

Pudding the dachshund takes his role at View My Space very seriously, showing up to our headquarters office every day with purpose and a bowtie.  He sees spaces from a different perspective too, about 8 inches from the ground.  He is the morale booster our team needs to do our best work!

Leica BLK Camera


Leica BLK360 Camera

Providing superior accuracy, the Leica BLK360 is the perfect tool for creating Point Cloud files, extracting architectural data (.e57 files, CAD, Revit, etc) to create renderings and virtual staging, and shooting complex exterior spaces.

Matterport 3D Camera


Matterport 3D Camera

"I have been with View My Space since the beginning.  I have nine eyes that allow me to gather immense imagery of a space, and memorize measurements of everything around me.  In my free time I enjoying syncing information with my love, the iPad, and relaxing with 120 Volts of electric current to recharge after a long day."

Matterport 3D Camera


Matterport 3D Camera

For capturing interior data, the Matterport camera provides superior image quality and seamless interactivity for the end-user.  Joseph is one member of our fleet of Matterport cameras suitable for capturing all types of interiors from retail stores, residential homes, rentals hotels, warehouses, banquet halls, restaurants, and more!

Matterport Headshot 4x4 Color_Igor_edite


Matterport 3D Camera

Matterport 3D Camera


Matterport 3D Camera

DJI Drone Photography & Video


Part 107 Licensed, Fully Insured

We are Chicagoans - we have heated drone batteries and can operate in a variety of complex environmental conditions.  Since everyone asks - YES we can fly drones indoors, but in most cases we think a Matterport tour is a better option so users can explore at their own pace.  (We are able to create custom flythroughs from Matterport tours!)

DSLR Architectural Photography


Architectural Photography

We understand it's inconvenient to schedule multiple appointments for your media, so we offer a one-stop shop for your real estate media needs including high-resolution professional photography.  No, we don't do wedding photography.  No, we don't do family portraits.  We are very good at what we do, but our expertise is buildings, not people.

*We are always on the lookout for helpful new technology tools to better assist our clients.  For the right size project, we will purchase any equipment - just ask if you have something in mind!