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3D Virtual Tours for Project Updates

Record Progress
    Share Progress
        Make Progress
Keep your project running with 3D Virtual Imaging
Commercial & Industrial
As low as $150 per visit
Can be used with AutoDesk Revit, Recap, or any other .OBJ friendly program!
  • Give project updates to out of town clients
  • Allow others to see a space that may otherwise be hazardous to enter 
  • Keep accurate records of your project in immersive 3D
  • Show true professionalism to your clients through the use of cutting-edge technology
  • Reference a space numerous times without having to revisit the site, and have virtual measurements readily accessible
  • Get quick, fully measured & accurate schematic floor plans
  • Great for building owners to reference for remodels or maintenance
Immense Resolution
Take Virtual Measurements
Fully Engage in Virtual Floor Plans

Why Choose 3D showcasing for your project?    

    Offer your clients the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the development of their site by using 3D Virtual Tours.  Clients will be offered the opportunity to see their space throughout the development process no matter where they reside.  Providing project updates can help eliminate the need for fixing errors that weren't to your clients specifications.  In addition, you can be top tier competition while bidding projects by offering 3D project updates.  Reduce the need to guide clients through otherwise dangerous, dirty and unpleasant conditions of an in-person tour.


    Using 3D virtual showcases can also be beneficial for use within your own company.  It can help provide accurate project records that would otherwise be costly and time consuming to create.  Through the use of our services you can have a detailed source for referencing a location numerous times, while gathering every detail of every space.  In addition, we offer measured schematic floor plans at a low cost with each imaging session that can drastically save you money.   Our fully interactive services do in day what normally takes over a week!

    We offer flexible pricing options for our project update services.  Discounts are offered depending on the volume of work, frequency of site visits and prior service performed.  We welcome creating a working relationship with your company!  Please check out our general pricing below.

Check Out An Example of Our Pricing Below
(We Negotiate Custom Pricing!)
Full Project Collaborator Access
Unlimited Still Shots
Unlimited Mattertags
Unlimited Measurements
Full Software Access
Free Training Assistance
We offer custom pricing solutions to better fit your needs and budget  

First Site Visit

$150.00 for the first 1,500sqft; $20 for each additional 500sqft

Additional Site Visit

$125.00 for the first 1,500sqft; $15 for each additional 500sqft




Additional Options

Interior photographs


$3.50 each


Used for tagging and labeling locations in your showcase

$2.00 each

Exterior 360 View Shots

$3.50 Per Shot

Schematic Floor Plan


Measured floor plan, with 99% accuracy



Drone mapping, photos and imaging avaialble!
"Truly a revolution to the construction and engineering industry" 

See more about using 3D showcases for your construction and engineering projects
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