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Contract Services

Creating relationships to better serve your business needs
  • Save money through negotiated pricing
  • Receive priority on expedited service
  • Consolidate billing into one monthly invoice
  • Receive dedicated service
  • Free advertising for your business on our website
  • Book your imaging sessions with confidence
  • Receive full access support for our services
  • Gain collaborator access to your imaging files
    At VMS we are always looking to build strong, solid business relations with clients looking to have a multitude of 3D imaging sessions.  Whether you need us daily or irregularly we welcome working with your business as a service provider. 
    By using VMS as a contract service provider we can provide you with custom pricing negotiated by contract, that not only saves you money, but provide you predictability and dedicated service.  Our goal is to prioritize our contract clients to ensure the highest quality, and expedited service possible.
Examples of businesses we can service:
Residential and Commercial Brokerages
Insurance Companies
Construction Companies
Engineering Firms
Disaster Relief Services
Vacation Resorts
Hotel Chains
Building Maintenance
Retail Chains
Investment Groups
Employee Training
Furniture Stores
Art Galleries
Building Management Companies
Building Material Suppliers
Safety Audits
And Many More...
"Bring Your           Business Into A 
    New Dimension"
"On Demand Service
   Like never Seen               Before"
Ready for a consultation?
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