3D Virtual Tours

   Show Your Business.

       Grow Your Business.

Use 3D virtual tours to show what you have to offer


Starting at $150.00

Let customers walk straight into your business from Google Maps for a virtual tour!
Venues & Banquets
Medical Office
Coffee Shops
Come take a tour of the Elmhurst Brewing Company!

What's Included

A full 3D virtual tour of your business hosted on our servers for one year

(first 2000sqft included)

A full aerial and dollhouse view of your business

Embed your tour on your website, Google Maps, BuyBizSell, Facebook and more!  

Web-ready photographs only $5.00 each

Tag and label all components of your 3D space using Mattertags - 

first 4 tags are free! 

Free phone and email support for as long as we host your virtual tour

Additional Options

Additional Square Footage
The first 2000sqft are included with your session.  Have areas you don't want imaged? No worries!  Only pay for areas that you choose to image. 
$30.00 per additional 500sqft
Exterior Views
Add exterior 360° views for only $5.00 each
Web-ready photographs also available for $5.00 each
Schematic Floor Plan 
Great for banquets and party rooms where guests need to fully understand your space. 
Also great for:
Evacuation Plans
Reorganizing your layout
Fun Display
Construction Planning
Educating Staff
Additional Hosting
Your initial imaging includes one full year of hosting.  Keep your 3D virtual tour going year after year!
$50.00 per additional year of hosting
Additional Mattertags
Need more than 4 Mattertags to label key components in your space?  
$2.00 for additional Mattertags
Aerial Drone Photos & Video
Amaze customers with scenic photographs, and videos of your business & neighborhood.  
Photos start at $60.00; Videos start at $240.00
  • Make lasting impressions
  • Let potential customers walk straight into your business from Google Maps
  • Better expose your business on your website and social media
  • Make out of town customers confident in using your services
  • Free advertising on our website
  • Works with virtual reality systems including Samsung VR and Google Daydream
  • Stand above the competition
  • Help your business reach new audiences

Why Choose 3D Virtual Tours?

Amaze potential customers by offering 3D virtual tours, providing cutting-edge visualization while competing with other businesses.  Many customers want to do some research before visiting a new place.  Along with services or menu items, customers also want to ensure they will be provided a welcoming and enjoyable environment while visiting.


In an internet search of your business, the FIRST result is usually Google Maps.  We help you get even more exposure on Google Maps - potential customers can walk straight into your business from Street View and engage in a 3D virtual tour!

In addition to Google Maps you can embed your 3D virtual tour on your own website and various social media.  You will be provided appropriate links to do this, along with included still photography to use as you please.


Sample scenarios where a 3D Showcase could make a huge impact:

The exterior or your restaurant is UGLY.  But the interior is fabulous.  Give potential diners the ability to see what you actually have to offer once inside.

Clients looking for dental care also want a relaxing environment while having dental procedures performed.  Display just how cozy and inviting your dentistry is!

Soon to be newlyweds are looking for a banquet hall for their wedding reception.  Give them a chance to fully tour your facility, and ensure they are emotionally invested in your facility before even setting foot in the door!

Expose your business in the exponentially growing world of 3D imaging today!  

Bring Your           Business Into A 
    New Dimension

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be present during my 3D Imaging Session?

No, however we need either the person in charge of requesting service or another employee to grant us access for imaging. If the person in charge is not present, we do reccommend a thorough briefing to ensure your space is imaged to your satisfaction.

We ask that you request imaging during non-business hours, if feasible, to ensure that no customers walk in on our imaging process and disrupt the showcase.

How long does a session take?

It can can vary depending on the size of your space and layout. In a open area with few obstructions imaging may only take about 10 minutes for every 1000 square feet, excluding about 15 minutes of prep time . Closed off spaces requiring in depth detail (such as multiple walls and serperated areas) could take as much as 20-30 minutes for every 1000 square feet. We will provide you with a time frame estimate with your service request, and request you leave at least a an extra 30 minutes available beyond your given time frame.

How is my square footage determined?

We ask that you provide us with the square footage of the space to be imaged to the best of your knowledge. We will try to verify throught the MLS and county records the exact square footage of your building where available. Any pre-estimate you receive will be based off of what you provide us. If you choose to omit certain areas from being imaged, you will be charged less for your square footage. A final square footage will be determined by on-site laser measuring.. We will make sure that everyone is in agreement of the square footage before proceeding with imaging.

How do I access my content after imaging?

Once your space has been imaged and is ready to show the public you will recieve both a URL Link and an embeddable HTML code that you can use to add to almost any website. In addition, your 3D imaging will automatically be placed on Google Maps! You can also find more information about displaying your content here You will also be given a link to a dropbox folder created for you with several still shots to choose from that are watermarked. Once you have chosen the photos you like we will "unlock" the photos you have chosen and they will be available for download. In addition, if you purchased a schematic floor plan it will also show up in you folder as both a PDF and PNG file. If you need assistance, let us know! We would be more than happy to help you with maximizing your content exposure!

How do I prepare my space for imaging?

Be sure to have everything ready to go for the arrival of your 3D imaging specialist. It never hurts to hide unsightly items, and setup your business as an active operation. Also be sure to inform your employees to do their part in putting away stuff they don't want to be seen in the 3D showcase. Check out our Preparing Your Space page for more information.

How does payment and pricing work?

Upon scheduling an appointment we will ask you various questions to provide you with a quote for your services to be performed before our arrival. Our pricing is based on all information provided above including additional square footage and other extras. Once we arrive at your location we will assess all information and give you a final price. Payment will be taken on-site after imaging. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card. If you are unable to be present during imaging we can also send you an invoice to collect payment online. Should you choose to add additional options after initial imaging, such as schematic floor plans and additional still shots, we will invoice you for those seperately.

What is the guarantee of service?

We will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your service. If you feel that your imaging quality is not to your satisfaction we will work with you to fix your concerns, and in some cases re-image your location or provide a refund. We do ask that you alert us of any problems as soon as they arise. As always we will provide you with support for the full duration of time you are using our services. Please see our Terms of Service for more information

How far does View My Space travel for 3D imaging sessions?

We travel up to 150 miles from the 60606 (Chicago loop) zip code. The first 35 miles are included in our pricing. Additional miles are $1.25 thereafter. Locations outside the first 35 mile service area may have special scheduling requirements. You will be contacted should there be any scheduling conflicts. In some cases we may even travel beyond our 150 mile service area for large or special request projects.